About Us

sherryfest teamSherryfest is one of the world’s largest and most prominent sherry events, celebrating all aspects of this magnificent Spanish wine. Created by Peter Liem (author of Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla) and Rosemary S. Gray, Sherryfest was launched in New York City in 2012, and further events have since been held in San Francisco, Toronto, and Portland, Oregon. In 2015, the team expanded to include Siu Ki Wan as director of event production, Sarah H. Bray as director of marketing and communications, and Caitlin Laman as beverage director. For more information on the team, click here

Sherryfest features a Grand Tasting of over 150 sherries, presented by representatives from the region’s finest bodegas. It also involves an array of seminars, sherry dinners and other tasting events, offering a variety of opportunities for guests to engage the world of sherry.

Why Sherry?
One of the world’s most historically important wines, sherry is enjoying a modern-day renaissance, becoming increasingly valued by wine connoisseurs for its nuanced, intricate complexity and its inimitably multifaceted character, derived from long aging in cask. Sherry is an incredibly diverse family of wines, ranging from fresh, saline finos and manzanillas to intense, nobly mature olorosos and palos cortados to lusciously rich moscatels and PXs. It’s a wonderfully versatile partner to food, and with its vast array of styles, there’s a sherry to pair with nearly any dish or cuisine. Sherryfest brings the world of sherry to a broader public, creating tasting events for both those who already have a love of the wine and those who are beginning their own journey of discovery.

Our Partners
Sherryfest is made possible by the generous support of the Consejo Regulador de la Denominaciones de Origen Jerez-Xérès-Sherry, Manzanilla-Sanlúcar de Barrameda y Vinagre de Jerez and Riedel USA. 

Past Events

2016 Sherryfest Chicago
We were delighted to bring Sherryfest to a new market in 2016, with events held over 2 days in Chicago. This year, we brought a smaller, focused event to Chicago with a heavy focus on appealing to the trade to bring attention to the sommelier and bartending communities of the city. Attendees flew in from across the country for our Grand Tasting event, where over 150 sherries were poured, as well as to sit in on seminars that focused on the nitty-gritty of the two main categories of sherry: biological and oxidative aging. The events kicked off with a welcome party, and closed with two producer dinners and an after-party for all guests and producers visiting the city!

2015 Sherryfest NYC
Diving deeper into the nuances of what makes sherry so special, event programming for our third Sherryfest in New York expanded to include four producer dinners and a Welcome Party to kick off the event series. The Grand Tasting day schedule featured over 120 sherries of all styles, and seminars explored themes from Flor Aging in Manzanilla with Barbadillo; Aging Sherry without Flor with Bodegas Tradición & Delgado Zuleta; The Art of Blending with Lustau and Williams & Humbert; Vintage Sherries with González Byass.

Our 4th annual event also further explored our cocktail-focused component for the event, solidifying the versatility of sherry around the country in leading bar and restaurant cocktail and beverage programs. Featured bartenders showcasing special cocktails included Will Peet, Dan Greenbaum, and Shannon Ponche, and further seminars focused on a History of Sherry in Cocktails with David Wondrich, noted author and contributor to Esquire Magazine, and Sherry in Wine Programs with Diez-Merito and Emilio Hidalgo, moderated by Levi Dalton.

2014 Sherryfest West: San Francisco
In June of 2014, we hosted Sherryfest West in San Francisco, featuring sherry dinners at Central Kitchen, Bar Agricole, Trou Normand and St. Vincent, as well as a series of sherry seminars at 18 Reasons and a Grand Tasting with 21 participating sherry producers.

2013 Sherryfest NYC
Bringing Sherryfest back to NYC in October of 2013, we saw the event grow, with more events, tastings, and bodegas represented, reflecting the growing excitement surrounding sherry in New York City.

2013 Sherryfest Toronto
We took Sherryfest to Toronto in October of 2013, partnering with Derek Kranenborg to host a series of sherry tastings and dinners at various venues around the city. Ten different sherry bodegas participated in what was Canada’s largest sherry event to date, and Sherryfest’s first international venture.

2013 Sherryfest West: Portland, Oregon
Our first West Coast event took place in March of 2013, in Portland, Oregon. This week-long celebration of sherry was co-sponsored by Bar Vivant and Galaxy Wine Company, and featured an extensive array of sherry tastings, with wines from 13 different sherry bodegas. In addition, Sherryfest West featured the public American debut of several new sherries, including Valdespino’s Deliciosa En Rama and the wines of Alexander Jules.

2012 Sherryfest NYC
The first Sherryfest, held in October of 2012 in New York, was the largest sherry event to ever take place outside of Spain. It included 36 in-store tastings, four educational seminars, eight producer dinner events, and a grand sherry tasting with 20 sherry houses presenting over 100 sherries for an audience of over 400 people, including top industry professionals, press and consumers.