The Authoritative Guide on Sherry

Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla, by Peter Liem & Jesús Barquín

Sherry is one of the world’s great forgotten wines. Immortalized by writers such as Shakespeare and prized by wine connoisseurs of the past, sherry was once considered to be an essential element of a well-stocked wine cellar, yet in modern times it has been largely ignored, to the point where it is sometimes forgotten that sherry is even a wine at all. Recent years, however, have seen a resurgent interest in sherry among wine consumers worldwide, particularly when it comes to top-quality dry versions, from fino and manzanilla to oloroso, amontillado or palo cortado.

In this authoritative guide, Peter Liem and Jesús Barquín present a detailed and thorough introduction to these inimitable wines. While they acknowledge sherry’s historical significance and rich tradition, they focus on discussing sherry from a contemporary perspective, describing the vast array of sherry styles and examining the intricate methods of production and aging that shape the wine’s character, as well as offering extensive profiles of sherry bodegas and producers. Also included is a chapter on Montilla, a closely-related Andalusian wine that demonstrates an identity all its own.

“If most wine books now tout populism, ‘Sherry’ skillfully makes the case for deep expertise. It is an invaluable read for anyone who has loved sherry in a serious way.”

—Jon Bonné, San Francisco Chronicle

“The definitive guide to sherry as it was and as it is now.”

—S. Irene Virbila, Los Angeles Times

“In a lucid, understated, wry and subtly subversive manner, ‘Sherry’ questions much of the conventional wisdom about how the wines are made and how it should best be consumed. In this way, it functions not only as an excellent summation of what has been, but also as a wise and hopeful vision of what can be.”

—Eric Asimov, New York Times

“If the wine whose mysteries you most revel in is sherry, then the recently published ‘Sherry, Manzanilla & Montilla’ by Peter Liem and Jesús Barquín, two of the foremost authorities on the subject, is a must-have.” —Ray Isle, Food & Wine

Available for purchase at Sherryfest, $29.95 or online.