Dinner: Fernando de Castilla & Osborne, Northern Spy Food Co.

Oct 8th
7:00pm - 10:00pm
Northern Spy Food Co.
Northern Spy Food Co.
511 E 12th Street - New York, NY
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This spectacular dinner brings together one of the sherry country’s most recent success stories with one of its most historic and traditional companies. Fernando de Castilla was purchased in 1999 by Norwegian-born Jan Pettersen, who has rapidly turned this small, boutique bodega into one of sherry’s elite producers. The history of Osborne, in contrast, dates back to 1772, making it one of Spain’s oldest wineries: throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, this firm in the town of El Puerto de Santa María was renowned for its distinctive wines.

We’re delighted to welcome Jan Pettersen as a host for this dinner at Northern Spy Food Co., as well as Olivier Gailly from Osborne. With a menu built around seasonal, locally-grown ingredients, Northern Spy Food Co. is a true New York neighborhood gem. This dinner features a selection of excellent wines from both producers, including several sherries of considerable age, and Northern Spy’s convivial atmosphere and inventive cuisine offer an ideal setting to experience these.


Snacks & Aperitif


1st Course

Charred Mackerel
celery, pear
Classic Fino, Osborne
Fino Antique, Fernando de Castilla


2nd Course

Empire Sweet Onions
farro, sunchokes, chanterelles
Amontillado 51-1a, Osborne
Amontillado Antique, Fernando de Castilla


3rd Course

Finger Lakes Duck
stella blue pumpkin, chard, preserved nectarine
Palo Cortado Antique, Fernando de Castilla
VORS Palo Cortado Capuchino, Osborne



Apple Gallette
bitter caramel ice cream, toasted walnuts, PX macerated raisins
Pedro Ximénez Antique, Fernando de Castilla
Pedro Ximénez 1827, Osborne

4 courses & 8 sherries: $130 all-inclusive of food, sherry, tax & gratuity.


This event is sold out. Please join us for Sherryfest dinner at Manzanilla or a Food & Sherry Pairing Seminar with Atsushi Yokota. 

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